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Top 5 Workspace In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is home to a growing population of freelancers, and this has increased the demand for high-quality workspaces. Workspaces have an ambience that gets the creative juices flowing, and this is a most coveted thing for many artists and writers, and the freelancing nation in general. Workspaces also provide high-speed internet, good coffee, and a beautiful environment that’s so enabling you to start wishing that you could live in it. Here is a list of the top five workspaces in Amsterdam for the creative minded to explore.

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Ed Van Der Elsken

Van Der Elsken And Visual Magic

Born in the mid-1920s was a genius with the camera that has forever changed the art of photography forever. Though the Dutch photographer Ed Van der Elsken may no longer be alive in this world, but his work continues to breathe life into an artistic past, present, and future. One look at a Ed Van der Elsken exhibition, and you will be transported into story after story.

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Marieke Mamarazzi

Amazing Layers By Teddy Beats

Growing up in radio stations, Teddy Beats was exposed to diverse genres of music from an early age. His passion for music goes all the way back to his childhood. His Dad was in the radio business when he was growing up so he spent a lot of time in radio station studios learning about audio editing and sound recording. In middle school, he started making hip-hop beats for his friends in his Mom’s basement.

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Max Falkowitz

Top 5 Noodles In Amsterdam

Step aside Hongkong and Kaula Lumpur! Southeast Asia is not the only place where you can find delicious noodles. Amsterdam has stepped up to prove that the city is not only full of entertainments, it is full of seriously delicious and affordable Asian-style noodle restaurants. Check out these 5 places where you can heaps of noodles for an amazing price of €7 to €10 a dish.

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Michel Janssen

The Wonders Of Texel

Texel (pronounced tes­-sel) is a land of distinct landscapes, azure waters and pristine sands, quiet hamlets, lush nature and verdant forests. The largest and most popular of the Netherland’s Wadden Islands, Texel is a historical stop. Sheep call the island home, and cyclists find paradise along the pathways. But aside from that, there are wonders on Texel Island waiting to be found.

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Eric Majoor

Dutch Media Takes Aim At Diversity

Around the world, multiculturalism is valued and appreciated as the guiding force of a nation’s strengths. When people from different ethnic backgrounds and races converge in one city, state or country. Everyone benefits from the combination of different ideas and ways of life. There’s a strength acquired that’d be impossible if nationalism reigned supreme. However, the media in the Netherlands seems to disagree. Though the Netherlands and especially the capital city Amsterdam is home to more than 177 cultural identities. The media continues to take the stance that diversity will be the downfall of the country’s greatness.

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RushHour The Place For Vinyl Sounds

When you think about electronic music, the Netherlands inevitably comes to mind due to its valuable and innovative contribution to the electronic music scene. This would not have been possible had it not been for RushHour. Founded in 1997 by Antal Heitlager, RushHour initially began by importing vinyl records from various countries.

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Joe Russ

Top 10 Things To Do In Amsterdam

Welcome to the beautiful, exciting, and fascinating capital of the Netherlands. You are going to want to know the best and most unforgettable places to travel. We are certain of that! Of course, these places we have chosen are not the major tourist attractions you have in mind but favorites picked by Amsterdam locals. So you know you are getting an in-depth experience.

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Adrian Jahren

Release By Diablo And Ziv Avriel

The Netherlands is a country that is certainly well-known in the electronic music scene for its direct, eclectic, and buzzing sounds. DeFuse is a record label based in Amsterdam, the capital of the country as well one of Europe’s most thriving club culture cities, and the label is founded by Ziv Avriel and Daniel Englisch. Meer lezen

Youssef Kalai

Patta The Global Sneaker Destination

The fashion world was just as prominent and thriving in 2016 as ever. But no single category was as innovative or as popular as the sneaker industry. Nike introduced the world’s first self-lacing shoe. The Yeezy Boost continued to sell out rapidly (and inject new life into the resale market). And the sneaker business was ripe with collaborations like Adidas x BAPE and Puma x UEG Court Play. Looking ahead to the new year, 2017 is poised to be just as thrilling, futuristic, and inspiring. Meer lezen