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The Right Picture For Your Online Content

It can be quite difficult to find the right picture for your online business. Simply remember the time that you wrote that article about food, vacationing, movies, art or sport. It doesn’t matter how great your article is, you still need to complete it with that perfect picture. We all know that pictures have a sort of visual attraction to everyone. Whether you like it or not, pictures tell more stories than words. Meer lezen

Ernest Dickerson

Spike Lee And The Stereotype Catharsis

There is more populism in the world than ever before, ranging from the European coalition of Wilders, Le Pen and Petry to Trump in the United States. So many are wondering how such events unfolded, how many misunderstandings can be created, but the reasons aren’t that obvious. That is why people should consider turning to one of the very things that is being warred upon—the media. Or to be more exact, the productions of controversial filmmakers like Spike Lee.

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Ed Van Der Elsken

Van Der Elsken And Visual Magic

Born in the mid-1920s was a genius with the camera that has forever changed the art of photography forever. Though the Dutch photographer Ed Van der Elsken may no longer be alive in this world, but his work continues to breathe life into an artistic past, present, and future. One look at a Ed Van der Elsken exhibition, and you will be transported into story after story.

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Anisa Xhomaqi

Mediametic The New Art Experience

When it comes to art, there are certain locations that spring to mind and Amsterdam has joined this list in recent times. First and foremost, it is perhaps the Museumplein that steals the attention with the many different museums on offer. In truth, many of the tourists tend to book tickets here before they even fully plan their trip to the great city. Of course, this location will provide a superb trip but we mustn’t forget everything else that Amsterdam has to offer in terms of art.

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