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Víctor Alonso

Have Fun Learn Japanese

Learning Japanese has a reputation for being hard, doesn’t it? When we hear someone saying: “I speak fluent Japanese,” we are in complete awe. That is if we actually believe them, right? The truth is, learning any language has its challenges, but it also has immense rewards. Japanese isn’t necessarily harder than other languages, just different. Regardless if you study Japanese, Danish, or Arabic, learning a new language forces your brain to create new neuro-associations and grow. In other words, you become smarter. Meer lezen

Sean H

Getting Your VATS Done

Fallout 76 is one of the latest games in the Fallout series. But it’s definitely something new and different. What makes it stand out is that this is the first time Bethesda is working on an online RPG. Fallout 76 is not only an RPG, it’s a game where you can actually play with other players. This does bring in quite a lot of new stuff, but it also removes some stuff from the core ideas of the game. And this makes you wonder, is it worthy a shot or not? Meer lezen

Four Bid

The Importance Of Public Spaces For Creatives

Everyone wants a place that colors their world and electrifies the imagination. Furthermore, a place where creatives can gather publicly, such as the one organized by OT301 in Amsterdam, is important to the economic and social spheres of communities. The benefits are many—creatives can showcase their gifts and projects; people can display their culture and identity; and those involved can also taste the diversity. There is also a wonderful community feeling that welcomes everyone. Friends can meet, children can play, and everyone can relax in these public spaces.

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Rosa G

Akiba Culture Everywhere To Enjoy

Akihabara is the famous district in Tokyo that is known for aiming gamers, otaku, and lovers of all things electronic. There are a number of quality restaurants, anime stores, supply depots, and even arcades throughout the district that bring it to life morning and night. However, while many people seem to think that Akiba culture is fading away in order to attract tourists. Behind the scenes Akiba culture and gaming is still around if you know where to look. 

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C The City

Learn To Speak At Sign Language Coffee Bar

You may have never heard about some place like this before: a coffee bar where deaf people can not only find employment, but where deaf people can come in contact with those who can hear. That is the idea behind Amsterdam’s latest cafe, known as the Sign Language Coffee Bar. One of the baristas, a deaf woman named Ellen van der Werf stated that, “it’s new and fun to communicate with hearing people.”

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Kees Hoogeveen

Mezrab Brings People Together

Ever wish you could travel the world and experience dozens of cultures, even if it was vicariously? Storytelling has a way of transporting people to places that exist even in the realm of fantasy or to the past with just words and music alone. If you never sat in on a storytelling night, then the Mezrab Cultural Center in Amsterdam is an opportunity for magic that you cannot pass up.

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Eric Majoor

Dutch Media Takes Aim At Diversity

Around the world, multiculturalism is valued and appreciated as the guiding force of a nation’s strengths. When people from different ethnic backgrounds and races converge in one city, state or country. Everyone benefits from the combination of different ideas and ways of life. There’s a strength acquired that’d be impossible if nationalism reigned supreme. However, the media in the Netherlands seems to disagree. Though the Netherlands and especially the capital city Amsterdam is home to more than 177 cultural identities. The media continues to take the stance that diversity will be the downfall of the country’s greatness.

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Michael Macfeat

Godard’s The Search In Film

Politics and passion are often thought to be incompatible with one another. Jean Luc Godard has become a master at meshing politics and passion together contemplatively. Such connections have become a key feature in his films. The first time this is most notable is in Alphaville. Most of time the character is the main part in the story however in this film the city was the main part in the story. Once again Jean-Luc Godard showed the versatile characteristics of the medium film.

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