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Marieke Mamarazzi

Amazing Layers By Teddy Beats

Growing up in radio stations, Teddy Beats was exposed to diverse genres of music from an early age. His passion for music goes all the way back to his childhood. His Dad was in the radio business when he was growing up so he spent a lot of time in radio station studios learning about audio editing and sound recording. In middle school, he started making hip-hop beats for his friends in his Mom’s basement.

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RushHour The Place For Vinyl Sounds

When you think about electronic music, the Netherlands inevitably comes to mind due to its valuable and innovative contribution to the electronic music scene. This would not have been possible had it not been for RushHour. Founded in 1997 by Antal Heitlager, RushHour initially began by importing vinyl records from various countries.

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Adrian Jahren

Release By Diablo And Ziv Avriel

The Netherlands is a country that is certainly well-known in the electronic music scene for its direct, eclectic, and buzzing sounds. DeFuse is a record label based in Amsterdam, the capital of the country as well one of Europe’s most thriving club culture cities, and the label is founded by Ziv Avriel and Daniel Englisch. Meer lezen


7 Steps To Become A DJ Artist

Kevin is a twenty-one DJ Artist based in Amsterdam, living in the southeast suburbs. He has found his way into downtown’s nightlife. And soon a national breakthrough. At the age of six, he played piano, and at the age of eighteen, he starts hobby rapping. When needed beats for his tracks and encountering all the difficulties. He decided to make beats himself. As a result, he granted passion for electronic music. Thankfully, for all our Amscity readers, Kevin is kind to share his experiences and breaks it down for us! Meer lezen