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Top 5 Halal Food In Amsterdam

Muslims usually have a hard time finding a proper meal, except they are comfortable with fish and vegetarian food. This is because Muslims are obligated to eat only from halal food sources. Halal means pure and it is a way of classifying foods especially meat that is prepared according to Islamic law. However, Muslims that are resident in the Netherlands don’t have to go through much trouble to get a proper meal, as many places now serve Halal food. In reality, halal is not the preserve of only Muslims as everybody can enjoy these meals. In this piece, we will talk about the Top 5 halal places we think you should visit to have a taste of heavenly delights.

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The Albert Cuyp Market

The Albert Cuyp Market is located on the Albert Cuyp Street in the De Pijp neighbourhood of Amsterdam. Established in 1904, the market is now a sprawling center of commerce with more than 300 stalls at both sides of the street. It is undoubtedly the most popular market in Amsterdam, ad it is also the largest and busiest market in the Netherlands. The market is a center of excellence for the best food and clothing items in Amsterdam. And it is famous for its vintage fashion, cheese, waffles and multicultural merchants with Suriname, Turkish, and Moroccan backgrounds.

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Top 5 Workspace In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is home to a growing population of freelancers, and this has increased the demand for high-quality workspaces. Workspaces have an ambience that gets the creative juices flowing, and this is a most coveted thing for many artists and writers, and the freelancing nation in general. Workspaces also provide high-speed internet, good coffee, and a beautiful environment that’s so enabling you to start wishing that you could live in it. Here is a list of the top five workspaces in Amsterdam for the creative minded to explore.

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Max Falkowitz

Top 5 Noodles In Amsterdam

Step aside Hongkong and Kaula Lumpur! Southeast Asia is not the only place where you can find delicious noodles. Amsterdam has stepped up to prove that the city is not only full of entertainments, it is full of seriously delicious and affordable Asian-style noodle restaurants. Check out these 5 places where you can heaps of noodles for an amazing price of €7 to €10 a dish.

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Michel Janssen

The Wonders Of Texel

Texel (pronounced tes­-sel) is a land of distinct landscapes, azure waters and pristine sands, quiet hamlets, lush nature and verdant forests. The largest and most popular of the Netherland’s Wadden Islands, Texel is a historical stop. Sheep call the island home, and cyclists find paradise along the pathways. But aside from that, there are wonders on Texel Island waiting to be found.

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Joe Russ

Top 10 Things To Do In Amsterdam

Welcome to the beautiful, exciting, and fascinating capital of the Netherlands. You are going to want to know the best and most unforgettable places to travel. We are certain of that! Of course, these places we have chosen are not the major tourist attractions you have in mind but favorites picked by Amsterdam locals. So you know you are getting an in-depth experience.

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