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Getting Your VATS Done

Fallout 76 is one of the latest games in the Fallout series. But it’s definitely something new and different. What makes it stand out is that this is the first time Bethesda is working on an online RPG. Fallout 76 is not only an RPG, it’s a game where you can actually play with other players. This does bring in quite a lot of new stuff, but it also removes some stuff from the core ideas of the game. And this makes you wonder, is it worthy a shot or not?

Level Up

You can play Fallout 76 only on dedicated servers, so this will be a persistent world. However, you might be able to create your own private server a while after the game launches, which is nice. You can also play alongside three players. Moreover, Fallout 76 also brings the old VATS system and leveling is pretty much leveling your skills and upgrading them, instead of just having level 100+ or anything like that. Which sounds quite promising for the VATS enthusiasts. The leveling system is a bit confusing and complex, as you have lots of cards and options. While it does take a bit of getting used to, it’s certainly rewarding and once you start using it you will have no problem enjoying the game. Because you will have 15 levels per each attribute, and there are seven attributes in total. This is for now however, as they might add some other attributes as people progress and play more.

How To Play

As for the game world, it’s named Appalachia and it’s four times the size of the previous game. You will notice there are some real life locations, but the post-apocalyptic experience leads to some interesting and fun moments. One of the things that most are not excited about is that the game has no humans. There are NPC’s, but they are all robots. Only players are human, which makes the game every now an then a somber experience. There’s a narrative that you can uncover through the collectibles, but it’s not as impressive as you might expect. And in the end that will be a bit problematic if you’re a player that wants to interact with others. However there is an option for nuclear weapons and you can also choose not to attack others or not be attacked by others. PVP is a possibility, but as mentioned, if you don’t want to be a part of that, it is easily to avoid. Yet you can play the game solely for PVP if you wish. Fallout 76 also has irradiated areas that are very hard to survive in. However these are the areas where you can find the best loot. It’s certainly very important to notice that it has a unique concept. The developers wanted to bring in something new. While the execution is not extraordinary and with no offline game available, it will give you the ultimate experience right away. However there is space to grow. Nevertheless it is a solid base for an online game already and you are bound to have lots of fun with it! Fallout 76 is available on various online stores and some offer discounts.