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Anisa Xhomaqi
Photo By Anisa Xhomaqi

Mediametic The New Art Experience

When it comes to art, there are certain locations that spring to mind and Amsterdam has joined this list in recent times. First and foremost, it is perhaps the Museumplein that steals the attention with the many different museums on offer. In truth, many of the tourists tend to book tickets here before they even fully plan their trip to the great city. Of course, this location will provide a superb trip but we mustn’t forget everything else that Amsterdam has to offer in terms of art.

Urban Landscape 

More recently, we have seen the growth of the alternative art world or perhaps more appropriately the ‘new art world’. Rather than showing exhibits of legends within the industry, these locations tend to show the world art from the more recently graduated population and those that like to experiment with art. Considering Amsterdam attracts some of the most talented young artists in Europe and the World, this can be an eye-opening experience for all. For this reason, Amsterdam has shifted since the introduction of these exhibitions and now finds itself as an international location of artistic diversity.

Whether you want to watch some video installations regarding the art of communication or learn how fungi can be grown in an urban landscape, Mediametic is the best location for this because it offers superb value to the art world in Amsterdam. In fact, it is now more than just a place to view contemporary art. Nowadays, we need to challenge the combination of science and art so this is the place to do so. Because it is more than just an exhibition, Mediametic has become a superbly innovating place in Amsterdam.


As well as regular exhibitions, they also host lectures and various workshops to try and spread the art world to as many people as possible. With the lectures too, it means that we get to really understand art rather than just looking at it. Currently, there is a project for growing sustainable food in a greenhouse – the Aquaponics. When visiting, you can take a look around and learn how this could benefit our everyday lives. Since they grow their own vegetables, it also makes for a great place to grab some lunch. The next time you are thinking of checking out Amsterdam for the art world, remember that there is more than just the Museumplein!