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Top 5 Halal Food In Amsterdam

Muslims usually have a hard time finding a proper meal, except they are comfortable with fish and vegetarian food. This is because Muslims are obligated to eat only from halal food sources. Halal means pure and it is a way of classifying foods especially meat that is prepared according to Islamic law. However, Muslims that are resident in the Netherlands don’t have to go through much trouble to get a proper meal, as many places now serve Halal food. In reality, halal is not the preserve of only Muslims as everybody can enjoy these meals. In this piece, we will talk about the Top 5 halal places we think you should visit to have a taste of heavenly delights.

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Suriname foods have become an intricate element of the Netherland’s culinary culture; it provides a perfect blend of the different ethnicities and the exotic richness that’s popular with Suriname cuisines, just like the food of the Indian people of Hindustan. One of their favorite dishes is roti, which is potato with mutton or chicken served with delicious flatbread. If you are in Amsterdam and you want to eat the best roti, then Riaz is the place to be. Maybe you are not so famished but are in the mood for some new savory delight, check out the yummy peanut soup! Bilderijkstraat 193, riaz.nl

Spang Makandra

This restaurant is also Suriname but is owned by a Javan, i.e. a person from Java, Indonesia. The Spang in the restaurant’s name translates to great, and the place lives up to its name with the superb dishes on the menu. The meals carry a distinct Javan flavor that you are surely going to love. One great example is the so-called saoto soup with sate sauce and grilled chicken, a delicious full broth, which includes bean sprouts. Gerard Doustraat 39, spangmakandra.nl


Meram is a Turkish restaurant that offers a wide range of Turkish tastes that are affordable. Whether you want a full lunch meal, or you need Kebab as a quick bite after a long night, you will always get healthy and nutritious treats from Meram. You can choose from varieties of savory Turkish grilled meats, lentils soup, salads, and pickled vegetables at inexpensive rates. Meram is a true reflection of the rich Turkish culinary art. Bos en Lommerplein 71, meram.nl


Bazar is located in the popular Pijp area which is full of Middle Eastern restaurants and businesses. The atmosphere is mesmerizing, with beautiful mosaic decorations, colorful lights, and scintillating music that creates an ambience of strolling through traditional Arabian bazaars. The menu has a wide range of delicious meals including falafel, couscous, calamari, dolma, and merguez. Sit back after your meal and soak in the exhilarating ambience while enjoying your drink. Albert Cuypstraat 182, hotelbazar.nl

Du Maroc

On entering the restaurant, your nostrils are thrilled with the delicious flavor of spicy Moroccan herbs wafting through the air. The open kitchen allows you watch as they prepare fresh meat and fish on the grill. You can also enjoy their famous tagine, which is a dish of mutton or chicken, with dried plums and vegetable, and a sprinkle of ras al hanout herbs. Having a delicious meal in the warm atmosphere of Du Maroc will leave your dreaming about a trip to Morocco. Comeniusstraat 513, restaurantdumaroc.nl